2014 vaikAsi uthsavam day 5

srImathE satakOpAya nama:
srImathE rAmAnujAya nama:
srImadh varavaramunayE nama:
srI vAnAchala mahAmunayE nama:


On this day, the essence of our sath sampradhAyam is demonstrated practically by bhagavAn.

bhagavAn is said to be attainable in two ways:

  • svagatha svIkAram – jIvAthmA pursuing bhagavAn after understanding bhagavAn’s greatness
  • paragatha svIkAram – bhagavAn pursuing jIvAthmA since he is filled with compassion towards the suffering jIvAthmAs

Of these two, it is explained by our pUrvAchAryas in many places that, paragatha svIkAram is the highest principle. bhagavAn, out of his nirhEthuka krupA (unconditional grace), blesses jIvAthmAs with divine knowledge which can be used to pursue the spiritual realm. The ones who accept that krupA become relieved of the miseries of this material world and becomes engaged in eternal kainkaryam to emperumAn in paramapadham. This principle is beautifully explained in nAyamAthmA sruthi. This is why bhagavAn is glorified as bhakthi uzhavan (farmer who cultivates bhakthi in jIvAthmAs).

In case of nammAzhwAr, emperumAn hand-picks a samsAri jIvAthmA (bound soul) and reforms that jIvAthmA to become nammAzhwAr. It was purely the divine desire of bhagavAn which brought out nammAzhwAr, just like kaNNan emperumAn created beautiful brindhAvan out of thorny woods.

During his life time, nammAzhwAr did not step out of the hole in the divine tamarind tree where he was living. It was various emperumAns who came to AzhwAr thirunagari to accept the mangaLAsAsanam of nammAzhwAr. Enacting that, even today, nava-thiruppathi emperumAns (9 perumALs) assemble at AzhwAr thirunagari during the 5th day of vaikAsi mahOthsavam. They are welcomed by nammAzhwAr and enjoy wonderful thirumanjanam during the day. In the night, all the emperumAns go on a wonderful procession in garuda vAhanam, nammAzhwAr in hamsa vAhanam and madhurakavi AzhwAr (from thirukkOLUr) in dhantha pallakku (parangi nARkAli) for the whole night. On the next morning, all perumALs (except polindhu ninRa pirAn of AzhwAr thirunagari) take leave and AzhwAr bids them an emotional farewell.

  • Full set  of pictures can be viewed at https://plus.google.com/photos/107723698299182214927/albums/6022117127603768913
  • Morning
    • All perumALs arrive from their respective dhivya dhEsams.
    • nammAzhwAr sends an invite to all perumALs.
    • nammAzhwAr welcomes all perumALs who arrive from outside.
    • nammAzhwAr accepts honors from each perumAL and circumambulates them.
    • nammAzhwAr gives honors to madhurakavi AzhwAr and madhurakavi AzhwAr circumambulates nammAzhwAr.
    • All perumALs are stationed at different maNdapams.
    • nammAzhwAr puRappAdu with thiruviruththam gOshti.
    • maNdagappadi (stop-over) at uthrAdhi mutt.
    • AzhwAr returns to maNdapam outside the main entrance.
  • Evening
    • All perumALs undergo thirumanjanam separately.
    • nammAzhwAr thirumanjanam at the maNdapam outside main entrance.
    • thiruppallANdu, thiruppAvai, nAchiyAr thirumozhi (munnadi/pinnadi), kaNNinuN chiRu thAmbu and thiruvAimozhi gOshti and sARRumuRai.
  • Night
    • puRappAdu for 9 emperumAns in individual garuda vAhanam, nammAzhwAr (hamsa vAhanam) and madhurakavi AzhwAr (in parangi nARkAli) with thiruviruththam gOshti.
  • next day Morning
    • thiruviruththam sARRumuRai in front of polindhu ninRa pirAn and nammAzhwAr
    • AzhwAr bids farewell to all perumALs
    • in particular, AzhwAr has great attachment towards dhEvar pirAn of rettai thiruppathi (thulaivillimangalam dhivya dhEsam) whom he declared as his own father and mother. When all perumAL leave, AzhwAr just turns around and starts bidding farewell to the next perumAL. But, when dhEvar pirAn leaves, he waits until dhEvar pirAn leaves his sight and only then he turns around for the next perumAL.
    • finally after bidding farewell to all emperumAns, AzhwAr returns to polindhu ninRa pirAn and both of them return their respective sannidhis in a very slow and emotional procession.
    • Thus a wonderful event comes to an end.

Many videos have been uploaded and they can be viewed at the following play list: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqiT3-BbzmLbLyPjX5H8Ib_ybQInAwaI_



2 thoughts on “2014 vaikAsi uthsavam day 5

  1. Raghavan Narasimhan

    Excellent coverage of the uthsavams swami. May dhevarir continue to bless us all with these narratives.

  2. T N Krishnan

    Great visuals, swAmin, both photos and videos. ananthakOti namskarangaL for this wonderful kainkaryam.


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